Church Bio

On Easter Sunday 2009, God brought forth a new vineyard!  Founded on the WORD of God and “LOVE”,  Calvary Cross COGIC was born. Under the leadership of our Pastor and founder Elder Deryl D. Winston Sr. along with First Lady Brenda Winston at his side the two embarked on something new!  With just a hand few, the plan and vision of God went forth. By the end of the first service there was a membership of 8.  As of today God has planted 50 + and growing!  Pastor Winston’s vision was to open a church where not only love was talked about but shown and lived as well. With God’s love as his guide Pastor Winston has embraced “ALL” races! God’s love would not allow him to establish a “black” church, God’s love gave him the desire to establish a church where truly everyone was welcomed!   Each week the members of Calvary Cross, and even those who simply just attend, will hear from Pastor Winston.  Again Pastor Winston not only preaches love but he shows it!  Before the week is over you will have received a call, e-mail or a text letting you know that you are loved and thought about!  Without a doubt, at Calvary Cross everyone knows that they have a special place in the heart of their leaders.  Pastor Winston preaches and teaches purely from the word of God!  He leaves no rock unturned and when he finishes preaching you know that he’s given it his all!  One of the most impressive traits of our leader is he won’t just give you any old answer!  This man of God takes pride in giving the people of God the correction information!  The final and most vital part of the Vision that God has given our leader is making sure that everyone knows Christ for themselves!  Pastor Winston always says, Good Praise, Good Worship and a Good Word! This is what we experience every time we enter the doors of Calvary Cross!